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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's Been Happening

Just a quick video/blog update of what's been going on with Joshua! We went swimming at Gramma's and Poppa's pool for Lindsey birthday, He started eating oatmeal cereal, green beans, and peas. Oh yeah, and mommy convinced daddy to let Joshua eat some of his cherry popsicle! (It was sugar-free, that's how I justified it)! Joshua got a new mirror book from Gramma and has enjoyed chewing/reading/sleeping with it! And mamma has enjoyed taking cool photos of him reading! And last but certainly not least, there is a video at the end of Joshua walking in his walker and making "car noises". I found it quite amusing!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

That is one thing I learned with having a boy and a girl...the boy certainly doesn't need to be taught how to make noises! :-)

Dani said...

He sounds so funny. Britt is quiet for the most part.

sweet tooth said...

Beep Beep here comes Joshua!
Lydia :)