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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Porch Garden Update

It seems our little porch garden is doing well (as you can see we have a tomato on one of our plants). Out of the two tomato plants, we ended up taking one back to Home Depot because it was practically dead (the leaves were yellow and wilted looking while the other plant was thriving and producing TONS of flowers). Home Depot did not have the same type of plant that we returned, so we got a cherry tomato plant (don't be deceived though, the picture above is a medium sized fruit, it will get about 4"-5")

We have been using our basil almost quicker than it grows. We made some squash soup (which was delicious) and it called for basil. And to go with our squash soup, we made some delicious chicken panini's with fresh basil pesto... It was so yummy, but unfortunately I did not get a picture...

We cannot wait until our first tomato is ripe. I actually dreamed that I picked it against Jim's will just to cut through it and see what it looked like (as if I had never seen a tomato before) LOL

The best part about it is, Jim doesn't like tomatoes so I (and Joshua) will get to try the very first one! Jim just wants the plant to produce a lot of fruit so he can make homemade sauce!


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I will definitely come over and help you eat your squash soup!

Anonymous said...

I hope I get an invite over for the first tomato and maybe some more of that super yummy soup!