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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 26: My Week In Great Detail

This is going to be less detailed than my post yesterday (simply because I do not feel like writing in great detail)

Sunday, went to church (had a lovely day in the Lord). Brother Buddy preached about God's Will. After church (and resting a bit) we went to Walmart and to Home Depot. At home I made chicken pot pie for dinner. We ate dinner and watched tv and went to bed.

Monday (started a new daily checklist)- woke up made the bed, got dressed, got Joshua up, he watched tv and drank milk while i made breakfast (and lunch for Joshua since we were going out). We ate, (and while slow pokey continued to eat) I cleaned the breakfast dishes up and vacuumed the floors (hallway, living room, dining room and kitchen). After breakfast, Joshua watched tv while I prepared for going out to lunch with my siblings for Kyle's birthday. I then got Joshua dressed and we read for about 30 minutes until 11:00 am when Kimberly came to get us. Went to Books A million and then Crispers. Then we left to pick up Brooke from school (yes, that is how long we were out) :) Kimberly drove me to Publix (where shopping is a pleasure, even though it's more expensive than wal mart). Played with Joshua for a while, then heated up dinner. Me and Joshua ate. Cleaned up the dishes (Jim's dinner was in the fridge for when he got home). Joshua got a bath. We had our praise time (this is the part of the evening where we all sit on the couch and sing hymns and try to work with Joshua on sitting still). Put Joshua to bed, watched tv Joshua kept waking up because of really bad congestion, finally just laid on the couch with him until 2:00am, finally put him to bed and went to bed also.

Tuesday, woke up made the bed, took shower got dressed, got Joshua up, he watched tv and drank milk while i made breakfast (and lunch for Joshua since we were going out). We ate, I cleaned the breakfast dishes up, Joshua watched tv until 10am at which time we had story time for 30 minutes. Joshua then went to play in his room and I cleaned the bathrooms. At 11:45 prepared lunch, ate lunch, put Joshua down for a nap. Caught up on my bible reading. Got Joshua up from his nap, gave him his milk, prepared for going out with family to celebrate kyle's birthday (this time for dinner). Got dressed and dressed Joshua. Dad picked us up at 5pm went back to their house. Got to the restaurant and had a wonderful meal with my whole family and Jim met us there after work. (got to feed baby Ka Ka a bottle for the first time). Went home put Joshua to bed stayed on the computer writing blogs/playing fam feud. Went to bed

Wednesday, pretty much same routine, got up, made bed, took shower, got Joshua up, gave milk, prepared and ate breakfast, cleaned up kitchen, started the crockpot with dinner, vacuumed, had story time, Joshua played in his room, I flat-ironed my hair, me and Joshua played together a little, i prepared lunch, we ate, he went down for a nap, I did my bible reading, got Joshua up from his nap, played for a little while, gave him a bath, served and ate dinner, got ready for church, went to church, another wonderful sermon about God's will, stopped on the way home for a choc shake, put Joshua to bed, watched some tv, played on the pc, went to bed

Thursday, same story, woke up, made bed, got dressed, got Joshua up, gave milk, made breakfast, ate, cleaned kitchen, dusted the house, had story time, borrowed mom-in-laws car went to bank, came home made lunch, ate, put Joshua down for a nap, did my bible reading, took a little nap too. Got Joshua up, gave milk, played ABC blocks etc. Prepared dinner, ate, sent Joshua to room to play and worked on a nursing cover for sister's friend, gave Joshua a bath, had praise time, put Joshua to bed, sent a couple of emails, watched tv, ate popcorn, played on the pc, went to bed

Friday, you know the drill, woke up, dressed, Joshua-up, milk, breakfast, clean kitchen, vacuum floors (including bedrooms this time), have story time, Joshua to his room for playing, mop the floors, break for lunch, Joshua down for nap, strip bed for washing, bible reading, finish nursing cover, Joshua up-milk, mom and josh time, break for cooking dinner, eat, clean kitchen, bath for Joshua, praise time, Joshua to bed, free time till bedtime



His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I will need to get your recipe for "chicken pot pit" hee hee! You're a very busy lady! I need to do better...much much better about staying off the computer and getting my work done too!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Grrr... spell check doesn't work when you use "pit" instead of "pie" :/